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Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Applications, Operating Systems | 1 comment

BlackBerry loses 10 Whatsapp

BlackBerry loses 10 Whatsapp

First disappointment of the most promising platform for RIM, not their fault, it is noteworthy. This is nothing more and nothing less than Whatsapp, one of the most used chat applications worldwide and that, for now, has decided not to get on this train Canadian.

The reason? Indecipherable. People CrackBerry portal has contacted makers to ask them why this decision and response, and very tight brief was simply “do not plan to support 10 for now, sorry.”

Of course a “for now” works almost like a “not you, it’s me”, because although sabotages RIM’s triumphant return is not written in stone: we could soon see a change of views that return the momentum to one hundred percent.

But how much damage will the absence of WhatsApp to BlackBerry 10? None. And we say this with full responsibility. At this point in the social networks of users speak insistently LINE, an alternative to Whatsapp which is emerging with increasing force.

In addition, has armed comprehensive tools for developers to seize old enriching the new platform, which, most likely arising Halonen competitors gear change for Whatsapp, forcing them to access a version to meet users of the new equipment RIM.

Moreover, let us not forget how RIM jumped to glory: with exclusive chat. Perhaps a development of this type in place of absent Whatsapp be a hoot on the road to remember the golden years of BlackBerry.

In short, the lack of this IM system is unwelcome news for the nascent BlackBerry 10, but is far from bad news … what do you think? A detail like this would change your decision when buying a computer running on this platform?

Link: WhatsApp confirms They will not be supporting BlackBerry 10. (

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