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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

BlackBerry Q5 available with Vodafone and Telstra

BlackBerry Q5 available with Vodafone and Telstra

Although the situation of global does not seem to be in very good health and with a new platform as too young to rush into any conclusions, BlackBerry not for launching new devices. After BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 BlackBerry , today finally announced the arrival of to Spain.

BlackBerry device delivers this Q5 as cheaper than Z10 and Q10, but also the mythical formula repeated BlackBerry Curve with physical QWERTY keyboard. Although not technically the most advanced specifications, this is the cheapest device with the new BlackBerry OS 10.1, present in Z10 and Q10. With a 3.1 inch screen

BlackBerry Q5 available with Vodafone and Telstra image 2

For now only two operators that hold this device to sale. For one will sell the black version for $ 0 with 3 Base rate (1 GB, 350 minutes and 1000 SMS), but also for professionals, where the Curve range has been quite famous, Vodafone will also sell for $ 0 with Base rate 3 Pro (1 GB, 500 minutes and SMS + free calls between phones on the same business account).

is the other operator releases it in black and white directly selling the device for 309 euros, but it depends on the rate if you pay in installments passes for 48 € / month or € 69 / month.

Movistar plans to launch the device on 1 August and even the Orange are pricing, to our knowledge.

BlackBerry Q5 Black (Telstra)
BlackBerry Q5 Black (Telstra)

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