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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

Boxer for iOS: All your mail in one place

Boxer for iOS: All your mail in one place

We all know that does not like the idea that they make their own apps to replace those that are included in iOS, but for a while now have been open to developers submitted to the versions of these . Examples are many: “Google Maps” to replace “Maps”, browsers like Opera Mini or Dolphin and this year have left various email management applications, Boxer is one of them.

Boxer for iOS: All your mail in one place image 2

has an interface very similar … almost identical equals that of Mailbox , the revolutionary not email management that made us stand in line to get it. How do they differ? Mailbox only to synchronize accounts “Gmail” Boxer offers a variety of e-mail services, including: Yahoo! Mail, Outlook and AOL.

Boxer for iOS: All your mail in one place image 3 Upon entering the application, entering the account you want to use, see our emails synchronized and ready to execute various actions to slide both the right and the left.

By sliding (Swipe to the application) it was the left shows 3 options: “Delete”, basically delete mail, “Spam” and “Archive”, which archives the e-mail received.

Boxer for iOS: All your mail in one place image 4

By sliding leftwards shows 5 options:

Boxer for iOS: All your mail in one place image 5

“Like”: It is an option that sends an email “standard” users of the app.

“Quick”: Send standard replies to if you’re busy and need to answer that Express Mail do “fast”. These responses are customizable even though the app is in English (for now)

“To do”: Basically a mailing list earrings, quite similar to the role of “Mailbox” but without the option of scheduling these.

“Request”: Among users of “Boxer” can ask for help via email achievable tasks, setting priorities and meeting these times.

“Done”: Finally, is the option where you tell the application: “Hey, Boxer, we are with this mail.”

In my case I use a vast majority of emails with Gmail technology but the truth is that “Mailbox” did not seem at all attractive apart from the 4-6 weeks I had to wait for the application and the 2 days that lasted on my iPhone While “Boxer” offers good performance but still could be improved.

It is free for limited time, 100,000 downloads and when you were downloading about 50,000 seats. After taking payment becomes a cost of 5 USD. It supports 3GS and above who have installed since iOS 6.0.

Link: Get Boxer

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