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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Applications, Tablets | 0 comments

Chameleon UI, Android interface for seeking funding Kickstarter

Alternative interfaces to replace the implant manufacturers with Android on their computers are not something that we could classify as new. However, most of these efforts are focused on both smartphones and tablets, so we always appreciate the efforts of independent developers to extend the range of choice.

Chameleon UI is part of this, and fulfills the promise of delivering a simple, smart and modifiable based on geolocation, personalizing depending on where you are. Thus, when you have a presentation at work, one for your home and others to define the situations above.

These screens also may change according to time of day, allowing effortless access your news feeds and mail in the morning, another for office hours, and another for hours and weekends.

The system also places a lot of widgets for social networks, access to multimedia and other programs that are important for the use of your computer.

Chameleon UI work on tablets based on Android 3.2 or higher with a resolution of 1280 x 800 minimum, and everything indicates that it is planned to use in portrait mode … At least in a first stage.

Like the idea? Well, the Canadians behind this development need help to carry out your project, so it would be a good idea to support them in Kickstarter through a grant ranging from $ 1, but if you donate $ 5 you can access this software before it is released and available Play with Google. They need to USD $ 50,000.

Link: Chameleon – A Better Home Screen for your Android Tablet (Kickstarter)

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