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China responded to the U.S. on charges against Huawei and ZTE

China responded to the U.S. on charges against Huawei and ZTE

According to China, the report is based on subjective suspicion and without solid information.

flatly rejected charges of ‘infundado’-the report prepared by the Intelligence Committee of the lower house of Congress, accusing Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE to be a threat to internal security .

In the report, the U.S. recommended to the people buy items from another seller “if you care about your intellectual property, (…) the privacy of your customers and (…) the national security of the United States.”

The spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Shen Danyang said the congressional committee report “is subjective and based on suspicion without solid information, and national security, have made groundless accusations against China”.

This new diplomatic row between China and the United States also reflects the U.S. political climate, which is on the campaign trail and the country’s relationship with the Asian giant is starting to be treated frequently ( and bad way ) by the candidates presidency.

“I hope that the United States abandon the practice of discriminating against Chinese companies, which operate on the principles of cooperation to create a fair and level playing field for businesses in both countries, and to promote economic and bilateral cooperation”, Shen said.

Link: RPT-China rejects U.S. accusations against telecoms FIRMS (Reuters)

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