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Chinese Smartphone sales increased by 137% this year

Chinese Smartphone sales increased by 137% this year

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No doubt the relevance of taking the phones made in China for the world market, showing the huge jump that manufacturers have given this area in terms of quality of materials, software, manufacturing scale and price. At least, they point to compete on equal terms the local market in the West.

However, the bulk of is not there, but in China.

The local market itself – the world’s largest – consumes most of the 189 million handsets produced there, leaving the border within 61% of production. Of all the equipment produced over the last three months of the year, 86% of them are based on Android, which speaks of the strong penetration that Google’s operating system is having on the country, although most of its services is not available.

In total units sold with Smartphones in China in 2012 will reach 157 million phones.

And what are the most important manufacturers in the Chinese market? Well, within them can tell our acquaintances Lenovo, and ZTE, companies, undoubtedly, will have much to say on the major events that we come in the near future. and MWC will be events that will relocate to these manufacturers under the spotlight thanks to their performances during the 2012 versions of the products showed very interesting and original.

What will happen to the Chinese next year? We will soon be unveiling these surprises.

Link: Chinese smartphone sales surged expected To Have This Year 137% higher (PhoneArena)

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