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Chuwi V99: A Quad Core Retina Display tablet for $ 200, you can

Chuwi V99: A Quad Core Retina Display tablet for $ 200, you can

One in three tablets sold worldwide is generic in a market that by the end of 2013 had sales of 254 million units and is expected to grow more than 50% next year, according to Digitimes Research.

It goes without saying that the tablets, whatever the size, are here to stay and every day conquer more land, replacing desktops and notebooks.

The generic tablets sold souelen be the most globally because of its easy integration into any type of market, as they rarely compete with high-end segments, but offer a low cost alternative with some similar features and speeds and quality of video very competitive.

So much so, that some brands have decided next year to slash prices of their products low-end or entry to be placed in a similar range to the most competitive generic, between U.S. $ 99 and U.S. $ 149. But hopefully that generic manufacturers also decide to separate from that segment to force best prices and services.

Chuwi V99: A Quad Core Retina Display tablet for $ 200, you can image 2

Among the most competitive generic devices, we find some tablets called themselves Retina Display, by having resolutions of 2048 × 1536 pixels. If we add to this processor, which looks promising this provides 10-inch V99 Chuwi sold by Pandawill , one of the giants of the Chinese market, and one of the few that offers support in Spanish for Latin American buyers , who kindly provided us the model which we will detail in the next report.

This tablet shares many similar features to the DR 9718 Pad XORO we discussed a couple of months ago in this section. The trend is to provide equipment for multiple uses without highlighting any particular (do not have cameras installed and recognized brands in other high-end brands, low layer quality Android owns, among others).

Perhaps this “brotherhood” can be related to the fact that many of these models come from the same place, the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, China, best known for being the birthplace of what generic Android-based device sold in worldwide.

What it offered in this present promising the generic is a concern to improve hardware performance level, respecting the tendencies of high-end equipment, and providing thus a better user experience, without much lag and super affordable cost . Here are some of its salient features.


Manufacturer: C UHWI

Model: V99 Quad Core Tablet PC

Country of Origin: China

2G Network: Not available

3G Network: Not available

4G Network: Not available

SIM Type: Not available

Dimensions: 240 x 187 x 10mm

Weight: 612 grams

Display: 9.7 inch Retina Screen 2048 x 1536px with a field of view of 180 degrees.

Storage: 16 GB internal, expandable with Micro SD cards up to 32 GB, Micro SD card features 32GB

Operating System: Android Jelly Bean OS 4.1.1

Chipset: Not available

Processor: Allwinner A31, Cortex A7 quad core, 1.5GHz

Graphic Chip: PowerVR SGX544 MP2

RAM: 2 GB + 16 GB ROM (NAND Flash)

Main Camera: 5 megapixel, white balance, VGA video recording

Front Camera: 2 megapixel

Connectors: High speed MicroUSB and 3.5mm audio output jack

Wireless connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and DLNA

Localization methods: Red

Notification LED Light: No

Battery: Internal Li-Po type 9000 mAh (according to the manual offers up to 8 hours of battery life)

Other: Elegant design with polished aluminum housing, high-resolution display, Adobe Flash Player built in, among others.

Exterior Design

Chuwi V99: A Quad Core Retina Display tablet for $ 200, you can image 3

As is the trend in many models manufactured in Asia Chuwi entire line features a design inspired by the Apple iPad, in almost every detail.

On the front we only touch screen with 10 contact points, 9.7 inches and the video camera 2 MP for video calls or medium quality photos. In the back appears the 5 MP camera and printing of the technical data on the brushed aluminum cover, which gives a very elegant look and feel of strength.

Chuwi V99: A Quad Core Retina Display tablet for $ 200, you can image 4

In its sides presents keys power, volume and reverse applications and below almost all available connections in this model: memory card, headphone jack, charger connector, Micro USB input and microphone receiver. Note that this model does not allow battery charging via Micro USB connection from a computer, only with the included wall charger.

Chuwi V99: A Quad Core Retina Display tablet for $ 200, you can image 5


This part is where we will give a partial view of the overall performance of the V99 Chuwi since Android coat manufacturer might be offering some inconsistencies both Wi-Fi connectivity as well as compatibility with some applications downloaded (in some cases recognized the tablet as an iPad) due to issues related to differences in standards between Asia and Latin America. In fact, the software update tool is 100% in Chinese, which complicates the intention of updating it.

Chuwi V99: A Quad Core Retina Display tablet for $ 200, you can image 6

In several forums specializing in Android could find issues with proprietary software unlocking these generic tablets, which in many cases, according to users who shared their experience, have improved both compatibility and overall performance and robustness in the connection Internet. CyanogenMod Version 10 was recommended in several forums for unlocking and better overall performance, it is enlightenment, at the risk of those who dare to try.

Chuwi V99: A Quad Core Retina Display tablet for $ 200, you can image 7


Is it possible to have a high performance tablet for a third of what they cost models prevailing in the market, the answer is no single way because even though some points are comparable in other technical aspects not may require a mid-range product with a great price, give us back the performance of high-end equipment.

However, this can be an ideal product because of its cost-performance for a first tablet with few demands of work, both for general use and for school use.

The Safety Pin

  • Good battery life
  • Support audio and video
  • 2GB RAM + 16GB
  • Display with excellent definition in HD

What Impresentable

  • Performance in HD
  • Google application support layer Play with Original Android
  • Front plastic cover is easily scratched
  • Low quality camera (both)
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