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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Applications, Downloads | 0 comments

ClassicMap, the solution to return to Google Maps in iOS 6

ClassicMap, the solution to return to Google Maps in iOS 6

Go slower than the original, but at least it’s a good option to use a decent app free maps.

It may not last long, and that Apple ends promptly removing it from the App Store, so you might like to download right now a replacement for the that come by default in 6. The solution to your problems is called ClassicMap, a free app that has an interface similar to that of for iOS longed.

Using the information provided by the search engine once, this app will allow the user troubled to work with the system used before the change forced the Cupertino led by the hand of its new operating system, iOS 6.

After downloading we have noticed that walks slightly slower than we would like, but … Hey, are always maps! – The solution to the problems of an upset over user out there. Tell us what you such work.

Link: Download This Google Maps client for iOS 6 Before It’s Pulled (IntoMobile)

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