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Colombia performs on Wednesday 4G spectrum auction

Colombia performs on Wednesday 4G spectrum auction

Colombia is about to take a major step in the race to deploy LTE, and for that will begin tomorrow at the bidding of blocks of spectrum in the AWS and 2.5 GHz frequencies, where it is expected that at least 6 companies to bid for awarded one of the segments to be distributed by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications.

The shipped in 3 blocks in the AWS band, while in the 2.5 GHz band will be 4 sections to be awarded. In the first auction is expected to have competition because four companies have shown interest in it, leaving you with low demand to the second where only two openly seek future concession operators.

Behind this distribution telemarketers current spectrum are serving in the country. We speak of course, ETB-Tigo and Movistar. While low Azteca Aztec Group Communications and DirecTV plan to win a segment so as to reach the comfort destabilize dominant telcos.

This is the main concern of MinTIC, which has meant that this bid can generate greater competition in a growing market but has suffered from a certain level of concentration that does not benefit the consumer.

Colombia currently has 4G through , operator was awarded in 2010 the operating license of a stretch of 50 MHz in the 2.5 GHz band, defeating at auction which represented profits of more than $ 41 million for the state.

The resources that are made in this auction help enter fresh money for the Fund for Information Technology and Communications. This fund finances projects such as Plan Vive Digital, an initiative awarded in 2012 by the GSMA and put Colombia as government leader in integrating technology inclusion policies.

The deployment of further accelerate the adoption of Fiber Optics in the territory, which will also promote improved standards as they are fixed internet networks deployed. Also, the government hopes that by the end of this process the benefits being reflected in a greater amount of internet access in the country.

The method chosen for the auction of 4G licenses will be informed this morning to bidders, positioning itself as the allocation of mobile licenses most important since the deployment of mobile telephony in 1994.

Link: Expectation for telephony and internet auction of 4G (Portfolio)

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