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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Equipments, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Confirmed: The S4 Galaxy GT-I9500 will

Confirmed: The S4 Galaxy GT-I9500 will

The Colossus of Android, Samsung, never tires of surprise, and it always goes over. A goal of one billion of equipment is what you intend to sell the Korean brand in 2013, with the 400 million smartphones. Is not it too much?

A look, Mobile has confirmed its flagship model for the new year, which would be aka Samsung S4, which could operate with Android and Tizen.

How to GT-I9500? Yes, exactly. Apparently the firm is quite superstitious and the number “4″ would be unlucky for the Koreans, so they decided to skip 100 numbers for your new toy, and 105 for the LTE version (GT-I9505).

The team of the image has a “air” to iPhone. Will the year 2013 another patent lawsuits? Subtract wait to see how this year we are surprised.

Link: Galaxy S4 model number or high-end Tizen smarpthone confirmed: GT-I9500 (Android Authority)

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