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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Games | 0 comments

Contre Jour: elegance, good music and entertainment in an application

Contre Jour: elegance, good music and entertainment in an application

Undoubtedly, Petit is a protagonist who can not stop talking. Contre Jour presents an adorable, cuddly and charismatic character who is guided by the lights and makes us want to move forward at different levels.

If Microsoft wanted to claim their browsers and show what they are made, now is when we realize the effort. Thanks to the kindness of 10 and advanced technology HTML5 and JavaScript, you can enjoy the game without the need to rely on our mobile devices, an experience that certainly has shortened the gap that existed between the laptop and browsers . But of course, we can not fail to cheer the tactile experience gives us in our smartphones or tablets.

Visually well crafted graphics, bright colors and captivating music that plays the game, are some of the features found in the successful creation of Maksym “Max” Hryniv, who inspired the creation of the children’s classic “The Little Prince”.

Contre Jour is a puzzle based on the collection of spheres of light by Petit, which will progress into increasingly complex levels and stages that will make solving cranear much.

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