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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Applications, Cameras | 0 comments

Convert your digital photos to snapshots

Instant Lab: Convert your digital photos to snapshots

This project reminds me crazy times when the print was “cool” but also reminds me to print snapshots makes no sense. Impossible Instant The Lab (Lab Instant impossible) is a device whose purpose is to print when you capture pictures with your iPhone camera (apparently the model would be a 4S) and relive those momentosde the seventies when it was popular to do.

Basically it is a camera modified so that, using the Instant Impossible Lab app, this can take a picture of the screen and then print Smartphone as was done in the old Polaroid.

The project has raised about 80% of the money you need depends on the photography enthusiasts provide the remaining 20% to soon be able to see this computer on sale in theory, would cost about $ 300 (or $ 2,000 if you want the Special edition gold plated). Those who decide to pre order yours via only have to spend USD $ 189.

Link: Impossible Instant Lab makes a Polaroid out of your iPhone (Phone Arena)

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