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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Creating custom vibration alerts in iOS

Creating custom vibration alerts in iOS

We know that creating ringtones for is complex , however, create custom vibrating alerts at any device is quite simple.

For this, just go to the menu in for ‘Notifications’ in the settings where you then ‘Sounds’ and choose what type of notification you want to customize, either calls, emails or tweets, and then enter the option ‘Vibration’. In there, you can create a new type of vibration where just press for time to create a specific pattern (if you need ideas, here’s the morse alphabet ).

If you are someone who has not yet installed iOS 6 because you’re waiting for the untethered jailbreak (and intelligently you have not listened to the thousands of fakes that ensure longer available), to create a custom vibration alerts in just go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’, hence enters ‘Accessibility’ and enable ‘custom Vibrations’. Then you can go back and enter ‘Sounds’, which in the end will be the option to customize your vibration alert.

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