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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Cycloramic: an iPhone at 360 degrees

Cycloramic: an iPhone at 360 degrees

Can you imagine an that move alone, and also record videos? Sounds crazy, yes, but it is possible, and all thanks to Cycloramic of Egos Ventures.

The application has been a success, and no wonder, if even the same Steve Wozniak is amazed at what he does.
It boils down to a number: 360. The main feature of is to get your team in a total shaft rotate independently and without the need for tripods or devices that keep you stable, and all thanks to the slow, steady vibration that integrates the iPhone 5.

Well, apart from turning the grace is that you can use both the front and rear camera for recording.

The requirements for the application to work are not many, but they are essential. First, get an iPhone 5 for its renewed capacity vibrating. The application is available for iOS 6, but it is likely that if the tests on an iPhone 4 or 4S, do not work. Second, and perhaps essential, is done on a smooth base as glass. Clearly if you run it on a lumpy texture, will not achieve the result.

Well, for the rotation to be successful, you must remember to activate the vibration. If the device is in silent mode without vibration and will not work.

The application is only for iPhone and costs $ 0.99 in AppStore .

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