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Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Applications, Companies | 0 comments

Delta Airlines under fire for privacy in their applications

Delta Airlines under fire for privacy in their applications

Delta Airlines, the Atlanta-based company, was sued Thursday by the state of California, to be considered to be breaking the law by failing to warn their users increasingly using the app Fly Delta are leaving sensitive information in the Company files.

It is the first time you put into full use Law Online Protection force for eight years in the state of California, the only current legislation which requires companies to notify users in a prominent position on their mobile applications What personally identifiable information is collected and how it is used.

In the case of the Fly Delta, designed for use in smartphones and other mobile devices, customers can log on to check in for a flight, book flights and pay for checked baggage, among other functions of the activity in the airport. The lawsuit alleges that the site has no privacy notices despite collects customer’s full name, phone number, email address, along with the most sensitive information such as dates of birth and credit card numbers, is breaking the law.

With demand, Delta seeks to stop the until it meets the law expressing their privacy policies. In addition, the penalty could be up to $ 2,500 per violation. “California law clearly states that mobile applications require collection of personal information privacy, and users of these applications are entitled to know what is being done with their personal information,” said Kamala Harris, who sue on behalf of and has to its credit agreements with companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and RIM, leading them to warn users about its privacy policy in a consistent manner.

At this point I must admit that I am still very suspicious and do certain things “old”. For example, would not pay a plane flight through a mobile application. Even for small purchases such as movie tickets reservations, I can choose if I choose the computer. You, what do many major purchases with your phone?

Link: Delta Airlines sued over privacy mobile app. (The Himalayan Times)

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