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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Accessories, Applications, Security | 0 comments

Develop device to eliminate the use of keys

Develop device to eliminate the use of keys

I remember as a child my father, my uncles and my grandmother carried him Chains with at least 10 Keys each, between the car keys, office, home, Furniture, etc., Always brought the package in the bag or pocket. Over the years they have invented various accessories to find the keys, make smarter, make them wireless, make plastic, make them safer, but until now no one had thought to “not doing”

Well, not so much that the keys disappear, is modernize enough to avoid having to bring carrying anything in his pocket except your smartphone.

For this initiative think, a device placed easily on door locks and lets you attach and remove such insurance from the comfort of your Smartphone.

The idea is that you can remotely open or close the door of your home or business without worrying about the keys (although it works in the traditional manner.) If you open the door of your house and you’re a guest to receive, you can unlock remotely, including SMS (with an additional monthly fee).

Lockitron not only opens the door, I know when someone is playing, when someone comes home and takes the insurance (even with a key regular) and last but not least, thanks to Bluetooth technology you can configure the device to remove the insurance automatically when you approach the door.

You can pre order yours for only $149 and receive it from March 2013, for this project already has 5 times more funds than required to be carried out.

Link: Lockitron

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