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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Did you buy a Nexus 4? Your order may have been delayed

Did you buy a Nexus 4?  Your order may have been delayed

I guess like any person who will change plans at the last minute, some people who bought a 4 have reason to be upset. began sending notices of delay in certain orders made during the period when the phone was available.

This appears to have been random since it affects both people who bought their phone late and people who were at the outset of recording your order availability. The ranging from a few days to 3 weeks even in certain cases.

Maybe Google failed to gauge the volume of Sales that would, perhaps there was a manufacturing delay recently reported from the factory that caused this problem, or perhaps actually sales were absurdly high. Anyway, the disappointment of those who received the email of apology from the big G is in addition to those who – just – could not access the most desired Android team today. Maybe yours will not wait on December 25 under the tree.

Did you get the mail from the discord?

Link: Nexus 4 buyers greeted with backorder notice, shipments delayed three weeks (Phandroid)

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