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Posted by on Jun 29, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

Digg RSS Reader comes to iOS and web browser for all age groups

Digg RSS Reader comes to iOS and web browser for all age groups

Lack little to the death of and therefore, it is important to find replacement pair this tool. Against this Digg promised an RSS reader in the short term , which have been working for several weeks and now premiered via a mobile phone application for iOS, plus a website accessible from any PC.

Those interested in the web version of reader can enter the address / reader , while those who own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can download the application from the App Store free of charge , promising soon a version for Google’s Android platform.

Note that Digg is still working on polishing your application and that is why missing several basic functions will be added over time, as a filter to see only items that have not been read, a button to mark unread and accurate a counter items that are not yet seen, all that has been recognized by Digg and will be added in the near term.

Link: Digg Web Reader, iOS apps are open for the public (Engadget)

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