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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Accessories | 0 comments

Digitize your old cassette tapes directly to your iPhone

Digitize your old cassette tapes directly to your iPhone

(C) Ion

The U.S. company Ion released a gadget to digitize old cassette tapes and eighties (of that time when Napster Spotify was equivalent sit with FM radio and watch with your finger on the button ‘REC’) directly on the iPhone.

Obviously, the device also allows just hear those old tapes (how nostalgic exercise?) And forward or rewind songs. The device uses the application EZ Vinyl / Tape Converter and would be available soon in the market at U.S. $69.99 .

It seems that now only hope appears when a phonograph portable wax discs, as Ion and offers a battery-powered compact turntable from its product line.

Link: Kick it 1985-style with cassette-to-iPhone converter (C | Net)

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