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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Does European operators are buying nano-SIM preparing for the new iPhone?

Does European operators are buying nano-SIM preparing for the new iPhone?

You know, there is a lot of rumors in the pre-launch of a new … That the design, the display, that the specifications and many other things. However, this gives another rumor to think about a component that is not directly from the phone, but would have to operators preparing for a change that would more quickly than we could have budgeted.

Yes, because many reports speak of the efforts being made by European operators to achieve nano-SIM, with the sole purpose of being prepared to meet the supposed new device, whose next generation should be launched – at most – in October. This integrate as the replacement of significant change for micro-SIM slot, giving way to this new standard for smart card identity and service delivery to the terminal.

The chip is a 40% smaller than the micro-SIM, and the design was accepted by the proposed by Apple, competing fiercely against a proposed design for Nokia, which filed its own specification, fearing that the Cupertino charged royalty to any other manufacturers use a standard itself.

Apple said that this patent would be released and assigned to represent no further charges for use of intellectual property to other companies that require it.

The idea of getting ahead of nano-SIM is rooted in the lived phenomenon a couple of years with the introduction of the iPhone 4, where telecommunications companies were difficult to meet its sales commitments due to high demand from many companies in this crucial component in GSM communications, and the low offer that was on that date.

Is this move is a clear indicator of what we come from? Will the new iPhone the first device to use a nano-SIM in the world? Do we need even a standard change so fast? – Perhaps these are tracks that we have to keep in mind as we approach the launch date of the sixth generation of your apple, whose announcement is expected in the South American spring – autumn in Europe, of course.

Link: European Operators are ordering mountains of cards due to Nanosim the iPhone 5 (IntoMobile)

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