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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Does IBM want to get their claws over to RIM?

Does IBM want to get their claws over to RIM?

The rumors mail today ensures that the Big Blue – – would be seriously considering making a proposal to be made for services from … Or at least, license to offer in their packages offered to business solutions natively.

RIM’s enterprise division is the one responsible for implementing and maintaining secure servers dedicated to businesses, tailored to the requirements of large corporations.

According to sources reporting this alleged move, for now everything is kept in the informality of a conversation of possibilities because there is no real choice regarding this alleged operation. However, note that this is currently the most important division in the structure of the company in terms of earnings, so a rumor that talks about the purchase of this portion of by any company could involve the purchase of the all business units of Canada.

Time will tell if this has purchase. Personally I see RIM intact until reaching their promises of launching new products, renewing its portfolio and further defining whether to license its operating system BB10. After the first sales and see the reception of people, we could actually see where the company is headed.

Link: IBM seeking to acquire RIM’s enterprise services? (PhoneArena)

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