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Does the phone of the future will no longer be a physical device?

Does the phone of the future will no longer be a physical device?

Researchers led by University of Tokyo professor Masatoshi Ishikawa are working on a new way of interaction with mobile devices is to design cell phones, keyboards or computer screens in the palm of the hand or any other object.

The system uses a camera with a high-speed sensor and two rotating mirrors which can track the movement of an object with millisecond accuracy. This system will allow people to move and have designed a keyboard permanently in the palm of their hands.

The accuracy of the system is such that in a related experiment, Ishikawa team was able to track the trajectory of a tennis ball, so that this technology also serves many other fields such as medicine or video games.

“You will not need a keyboard, or bring a phone or a computer. Would you call with nothing, “said the Japanese academic.

Link: Mobile Phones and Keyboards Projected onto Palms (PSFK)

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