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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Patents | 0 comments

Dutch court finds that Apple must pay patent Samsung 3G

Dutch court finds that Apple must pay patent Samsung 3G

The war between and seems to be a never-ending game, but today are lights that after a in The Hague determined that the Cupertino itself violated patents in 3G connectivity, so you must pay monetary compensation to South Korea.

In this way and to a careful study of patents, the court ruled that the iPad first and second generation iPhones with 3G, 3G and 4 of the hit U.S. firm with patented by the Asian firm.

The judge would have forced Apple to Samsung and collectively determine the value of this compensation. Independent of this, the manufacturers of the Galaxy S III shall bear all costs of the judgments that it has lost to the Cupertino, which is close to € 800 M.

One thing for another, the money you receive for this compensation Samsung will help you pay for the other trials that came back.

Link: Dutch court orders to pay Apple over patent damages Samsung (Reuters)

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