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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Tablets | 0 comments

Executive Asus reveals that Google will release in I/O its own tablet

Executive Asus reveals that Google will release in I / O its own tablet

When rumors seem to you about what would be the big launch of I / O-and that is just one hour to start – they were so wrong, as executive of Asustek (ASUS) has just confirmed that indeed it is the presentation of purely a Google.

And is that Amazon will have to devise a solid strategy to compete against Google’s new device, since according to the prices that are said to cost, is to take a lot of ground to Kindle Fire. At least that this executive hinted at the moment prefers anonymity.

Thus, the executive said Google looks something like Amazon, that is, allow the device to surf the Internet, access content, videos, music, among others. “The Kindle is based on the Google platform, but with its own service, so Google should launch its own service as well, “said the man.

Google seems to have had each of its steps planned in advance, since it already has a store of books and audiovisual equipment rental, besides having its own content platform, obviously. Thus, to have his own signature tablet Moutain View would be the level of the successful team of Amazon.

Some leaks had already given us an idea of the possible surprise that Google released its developer event that starts today. Within these rumors, he knew that it was a 7-inch tablet that would compete directly against the Cupertino iPad. But as it was unofficial information was not 100% believe.

With the release of the tablet generic Google, hopefully with it will also give updates about the new mobile operating system of the firm, Jelly Bean. For their part, the big G have opted for silence before both rumor that has circulated recently by the tech blogs.

According to IDC data, the iPhone has a 68% share in the market between January and March. While the tablet Amazon about 4%. Microsoft released last week in a mysterious event and express their own line of Tablet Surface as another attempt to compete with their eternal rival Apple.

Google has previously worked with other hardware manufacturers like Taiwan’s HTC and Samsung to manufacture them with your co-brand smartphones Nexus.

Link: Planned Google tablet to rival Amazon: Asustek exec (Reuters)

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