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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Internet | 0 comments

EYE Fech is a new Android app that will in protests

EYE Fech is a new Android app that will in protests

In these times where public are an everyday thing, the Project Area of ​​the Federation of Students of the University of Chile launches especially interesting and useful application for mobiles. name, this tool allows you to collect and send data relevant injured or detained in real time.

The application runs on Android, and to use it you first have to register using a RUT and name (obviously, the idea is to use actual data). Then, you can perform various actions such as to indicate trouble spots within the map, send information about people injured with emergency character, detainees report, and even includes a panic button in case the owner of the phone own goal in trouble.

One of the most important points is that the collected data are not publicly available, but handle them in private organizations to assist those involved. It also comes with a map which shows various data, either wounded, general trouble spots, or points of the city where they are located some aid organizations. Even, you can even take pictures that are specified in the map, but its publication must first pass through the filter of the administrators.

On paper it sounds like a very useful system, but will have to see how it ends up being in practice. EYE can be downloaded from the Play Store , and requires Android and 3G connection. For now, its creators have no plans to take it to other mobile operating systems

EYE Fech is a new Android app that will in protests image 2

Link: EYE Fech

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