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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Facebook confirms that advertising reach to Instagram

Facebook confirms that advertising reach to Instagram

It was a fact that was seen coming from that Facebook Instagram bought earlier this year: Eventually the popular social network application and photo sharing will advertisements as a way to monetize their use.

This was confirmed by the vice president of global marketing Facebook, Carolyn Everson, who was asked in a conference if they had intentions to commercially exploit Instagram, the end of the day, paid $715 million for it.

“Eventually, we’ll find a way to monetize Instagram,” said the executive. And as is responsible for marketing of Facebook, clearly means that the ads will eventually come to the social network with the most explosive growth so far this year.

Posterioromente Everson said the team of developers of is very small, especially “when you think of how many people they reach. There are many brands that now use Instagram to contact their customers. For sure we will find a monetization strategy. When will it happen? I can not comment, but it will happen.

Link: FACEBOOK Confirms: Ads Are Coming To Instagram (Business Insider)

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