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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Social Networks | 0 comments

Facebook joins the fight of digital maps and go for Waze

Facebook joins the fight of digital maps and go for Waze

is an Israeli source application that slowly was becoming a benchmark of maps, driving the combination of with social networks. This segment of social is attracting the interest of Facebook, who trying to forget his bad start in the stock market, decided to keep giving value to their platform.

The purpose of is to offer more than 900 million users who currently owns a positioning solution and maps without having to leave their social environment.

Therefore, Facebook executives traveled to Israel to meet with Waze developers seeking to reconcile a way to integrate this tool to your social network does the buy?

Zuckerberg’s social network knows it has a great rival ahead: Google Maps, but this is not fazed as Waze’s reputation is very strong and in some cases is more trusted than the great and sometimes a bit vague on Google maps.

But if there is a big reason beyond competition against other similar services for Facebook comes to finding a mapping service is the sound of the future development of a Facebook Phone, which integrate these services natively.

Sounds strange when you consider that today, Facebook being the largest social network in the world, you can not get a foothold in the mobile market, or their third-party applications or with its powerful advertising tool.

Meanwhile, Waze waiting cautiously decision of executives from the social network to deal with a future migration of services, which have helped to raise more than $ 60 million in investments and generate 20 million subscribers in more than 45 countries.

Link: Facebook in talks with traffic report co app Waze (Globes Israel)

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