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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

Facebook open beta program for application in Android

Facebook open beta program for application in Android

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Taking advantage of the flexibility provided by the Google mobile operating system, has announced today a new program for Facebook on Android, which will allow users to start testing the advances and new versions of the application.

With the beta, people in Facebook will be reviewing performance data and feedback from the users who will participate, along various types of devices and versions of Android. All this has a single purpose: that updates enforcement officers out more refined and better performing.

“Facebook is the most downloaded app in the PlayStation Store,” says Ragavan Srinivasan, product manager for Facebook for Android, “so we need to make sure that works for everyone, no matter the amount of RAM, network conditions, or version on which to run. “

The beta is open to anyone who wants to join. The main requirement is to be part of the Google group of beta (otherwise, zero chance to participate), and activated as a beta tester on the Play Store. Monthly features will be added to the application, and the idea is that participants providing feedback to the developers go through the group of beta testers on Facebook .

Link: Introducing the Facebook for Android Beta Testing Program (Facebook)

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