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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Applications, Social Networks | 0 comments

Facebook testing a new strategy for mobile advertising

Facebook testing a new strategy for mobile advertising

While the value of the shares in bag keeps falling Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and company manage to minimize one of the obvious weaknesses that have your social network: receiving visits by phone.

The guys at are aware that millions of daily paid visits from mobile devices , but only income comes from the web … not charged anything for the mobile visits ! Thus, given the evident trend of mobility, Zuckerberg are testing a new form of mobile advertising.

It is “Mobile Ads for Apps”, a tool that is being tested by a group of ‘partners’ selected and that works with the Google App Store as Play.

Does your mission? Allow developers for mobile devices that are advertised on the social network can connect with one click to the markets of Google and Apple: The user clicks on the ad, from your mobile, and directly store opens applications to download the application appeared in advertising.

The idea is to make easier the process of purchasing applications by of Facebook from the phone, for advertisers to see the appeal of social network channel … stat: This service is designed to Facebook advertisers to measure at any time the effectiveness of advertising placed in the mobile version of the social network.

Have to wait to see what impression because this tool among advertisers who are testing it: If we begin to see ads for mobile applications and games when inquire our Facebook profile from our Android or IOS, and indeed we know if it worked …

Of course, this is a move to capitalize on the application, even the lack Zuckerberg guys working on the optimization of its mobile application for the user experience is satisfactory, because if there are complaints now that is free of advertising: Imagine when we fill the app banners to sell X amount of apps?

Link: Facebook Unveils Mobile-Ad Service Aimed At Increasing Sales (Bloomberg)

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