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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Facelift: how to look less “ugly” in FaceTime

Surely many of you have and over have ever used , but how are they look in the camera? I imagine that the answers should range from awful to beautiful – as will the self-centered -. It turns out that this situation is repeated in all parts of the world, where even more than ever people have turned to plastic surgeon with your smartphone to tell the things you want to improve on this picture.

And is that the “effect” is called Facelift and be consistent in conforming with the image we project through this program. Applications to improve our appearance when we are using FaceTime there are many, but some are not content with this much further and come to extreme situations such as applying a facelift.

Yes and so is corroborated by the American surgeon Robert K. Sigal, who says that an infinite number of their patients arrive with their equipment and show you how bad you see this, but … this has several edges. One has to do with how we make the iPhone – or iPhone too – when we perform viodellamadas and another that is inevitable over time.

To do this, Sigal developed different solutions, a list of tips on the position you must have the iPhone and , plus how we stand against this. Moreover, there is the extreme remedy and expensive plastic surgery. The latter comes in two forms, the reconstructive or cosmetic procedures.

So if you’re interested go to extremes and after all, this is too superficial to you, I have a couple of basic tips for when you have a and want to see a little better. Because ultimately what matters in the content, conversation and not how you look, or am I wrong?

  • Suck your cheeks in and puts duck face.
  • Do not take your iPhone from a low, you will see a double chin.
  • If you are using FaceTime on your iPhone using your smartcover, so that the tablet is fixed.
  • Place your iPhone on any surface that is horizontal

Link: FaceTime Facelift: how to look less awful over video chat without plastic surgery (KnowYourCell)

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