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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Social Networks | 0 comments

Finis Terrae University clarifies controversial application for camps

Finis Terrae University clarifies controversial application for camps

(CC) Jurvetson

The Universidad Finis Terrae wanted to give his version of events after the controversy about the project of a smartphone application for called “Barter”, explaining that its purpose was to facilitate, through a technological application, which could camp inhabitants trade items, goods and services without money involved.

The institution said that if the project done, it would be “sponsored” by Movistar, who would have given the residents the technology needed to use the application.

In the grounds of their work, students claimed to be clear that the project could be seen as superficial, and said to be certain “that not all projects to be undertaken in a poor region must be aimed at changing the economic of a sector “, highlighting the benefits to be forged in a deprived community on goods and services compromise without resorting to money.

Link: Project “Barter” (Universidad Finis Terrae)

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