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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Applications, Updates | 0 comments

Flickr for Android gets a major update

Flickr for Android gets a major update

Good news for users of and Flickr: The has just received a major upgrade, which also fix many errors that had the previous version, has given it significant improvements make it seem longer the poor relation of the application for terminals manzanita …

As you read: The guys finally have made it a darling of the Android version, which opens a new bar with several tabs to make navigation more intuitive, among which include individual notifications, direct access to the profile, access the pictures, the option to upload content and content search.

Flickr for Android gets a major update image 2

In addition, the novelty that I found most notable: Flickr for Android now lets you choose between applications improved photo you have installed on your terminal, to optimizing image capture, including the option to give a final to ‘Instagram’.

Definitely a good step that gives Android Flickr, providing and optimizing existing functionalities: That very famous, popular or pioneer you are, you can not “sleep” in the mobile world: Competition is very large and there is growing options for users if they are not convinced of how good your proposal, simply switch to the competition have … what do you think needs to be improved to Flickr for Android?

Link: Flickr for Android gets a huge update (PhoneArena)

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