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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Applications, Operating Systems, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Forbes says Jolla Mobile is really relevant in the global mobile market

Forbes says Jolla Mobile is really relevant in the global mobile market

When you receive the attention of a developer community that is orphaned due to no support from the company that used to give it to you, it’s easy to think that the handful of people will continue to provide the solution that allows them to continue operating the way they were doing. In simple Mobile is supported by all Nokia widowers left to leave Meegan.

However, when expectations of the general public are fed by a respected business publication, your project may be particularly interesting and good.

Well, exactly that happened at the time said the company resulting from the forced migration of former Nokia employees who were responsible for the development of MeeGo would be very successful in this complicated industry, compared with Ferrari in terms of exclusivity and selling standards-based, very different from the rest.

“As shown by Ferrari, is not always about volume, but of something desirable and relatively unique. If your product brings in more money than their costs, and can develop the next models with this surplus, then you have a sustainable business, “said Ewan Spence, who proposed in his famous article in the magazine ensuring that the manufacturer sells less Italian supercars 10,000 units a year, but revenues generated each and everything that surrounds the brand make your model just works.

The goal is to sell 100,000 units Jolla in a year. Something entirely feasible considering the sales volume they handle other manufacturers, which makes this an almost negligible figure, but equally relevant.

Will the fans of the brand support it and make it large enough to give the aura of grandeur to which the analyst believes could get Jolla?.

Link: Finland’s Ferrari Jolla Will Be The Smartphone Of The World (Forbes)

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