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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Curiosities | 0 comments

Former Apple evangelist: “If today you think differently, you’re looking at Android”

Guy Kawasaki is an important character related to the world of technology, especially in communications. He is accused as one of those responsible for the popularity of the term “evangelize” people to make them loyal to certain brands, and in that sense, the man has been identified for years as lover, helping to create one of the websites more important around the bitten apple (Cult Of Mac), along with having written several books and being a known venture capitalist.

“People are a little surprised, but I do not use any products with iOS, none at all,” said Kawasaki, who also said regarding the company slogan loved before: “For me, the great irony is that Apple’s slogan was “Think Different”, but if you think differently today, you’re looking at Android.

In addition, the character, launched attacks against Apple’s move to integrate the latest 4G wireless connectivity, along with criticizing the lack of NFC chips and of course, the need to use proprietary cables for Apple devices, unlike the rest of the industry using micro USB.

Link: Shock And Awe: Apple Legend Guy Kawasaki Android You Become A Hardcore Fan (Read Write)

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