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Foxconn working conditions improved as the FLA

Foxconn working conditions improved as the FLA

(CC) Lennon Ying-Dah Wong

The Fair Labor Association (FLA for its acronym in English) conducted an investigation , at the request of CEO Tim Cook-in factories in March which determined the labor problems affecting in the Chinese company, responsible for making products for Apple, IBM, Intel, Nintendo, Nokia, etc.. Along with the report provided a list of 360 requirements to improve working conditions previously even have caused the suicide of workers in the Chinese factory.

Among the issues the FLA was found excessive overtime without compensation, many risks to the health and safety of employees, and internal communication failures that caused a deep sense of job insecurity among workers.

Now the FLA conducted a new report to see the progress of the requirements to improve working conditions, and found that of the 360 requirements, Foxconn has already completed 284 mostly determined timeline developed to implement these improvements to most 1 July 2013.

Among the tasks to be undertaken by Foxconn was to reduce the workday, now coming to be working 60 hours a week on average, to eventually come down further next year and reach 40 hours a week-more extras-nine hours, which is China’s labor law. They also had to eliminate wage differentials dubious and improve the conditions in the dormitories of the company where reside a large percentage of their employees (which varies between 30% and 70% according to the factory).

But not everyone agrees with the progress of Foxconn, for the China Labor Watch released a report about a month ago which stated that almost nothing had changed in the working conditions. Or are wrong or all improvements were made in August now.

Link: Apple device manufacturer Foxconn on track with work condition improvements, reports Fair Labor Association (The Verge)

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