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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Tablets | 0 comments

Futurology: HTC file its own ‘Galaxy Note’ to 5 inches in October

Futurology: HTC file its own 'Galaxy Note' to 5 inches in October

Rumors are, rumors are coming, and while the figures shown by in its recent presentation of results for the second quarter are very poor, those of the Taiwanese would be concentrated on developing a product to bring them out of darkness: A half – half smartphone, 5 inches.

The hybrid, which would have a resolution of 1794 by 1080, would be made by HTC for a place in this segment that despite the forecasts is doing quite well, at least for Samsung given the acceptance of its Note Galaxy of 5.3 inches, would be encouraged to introduce his successor, which we believe is what we show in the event in Berlin on August 29 and that according to rumors circulating on the Net will have a 5.5 inch screen.

Sources have confirmed to Digitimes HTC that this hybrid would be born between September and October, and to stand up to competition, ie the Galaxy Note 5.3 of Samsung and LG Vu Optimus ( which we analyzed at first sight in the MCW 2012 ), incorporated a very powerful processor and a chip to support high-speed graphics in this screen.

The truth does not sound unreasonable, especially considering that HTC needs to find a place in the market if it wants to continue with staggered releases that do not quite convince consumers, as evidenced by his gloomy sales figures that have been cut its staff and even close branches in Brazil and the United States.

We’ll see if in the coming weeks is ‘leaked’ any evidence of the existence of this hybrid HTC, which is what usually happens in these days, right?

Link: HTC to launch 5-inch smartphone in September-October, sources say (Digitimes)

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