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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Games | 1 comment

Game of the Week: 3D SpeedX

Game of the Week: 3D SpeedX

This week, an interesting title becomes the of the Week in Wayerless recommend trying them. SpeedX talked about 3D, easy but entertaining concept that is accompanied by good 3D graphics and delivery of direct and rapid way of entertainment long as we like, without complications.


Game Proposal

It all starts in a fictional world where we travel in the first person outer space this through tunnels and roads where we evade psychedelic various obstacles.

Game of the Week: 3D SpeedX image 2

Acclimated under a neon aesthetic and dark, just automatically move forward and we must control the direction we take moving sideways your smartphone or tablet, which is achieved by the accelerometer built into them.

Game of the Week: 3D SpeedX image 3

As expected, if we hit one of the obstacles, which come in different geometric shapes lose the game, unless we have available a shield to protect us from the first impact and move on, but we started with zero levels shields and they must win on the road.

Game of the Week: 3D SpeedX image 4

We also have the ability to purchase various upgrades with money we get at each level, which adds better shields and modifying the environment to our advantage, among other things.

Game of the Week: 3D SpeedX image 5

During levels, apart from move in a wormhole, interesting things will occur. For example, sometimes the tunnel will become a flat road if we approach the banks will run danger. Or change the colors of the environment and become more difficult to recognize the obstacles. Definitely a very dynamic game where it will be hard to get bored.

The Safety Pin

  • Interesting graphics.
  • Simplicity to learn to play.
  • Direct Concept smoothly.
  • Sufficient levels to play for hours.

What Impresentable

  • Graphic has not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy.
  • By relying on the accelerometer, it becomes difficult to play in environments such as the bus moved.
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