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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Games | 0 comments

Game of the week: Blip Bloop

Game of the week: Blip Bloop

It’s Friday and plays recommend the of the week in Wayerless . This time we present the title Blip Bloop, which brings with it an ingenious idea to be executed in very good shape, delivering hours of entertainment with a system to vary invites the vice, but also challenges our ingenuity.


Game Proposal

We face a flat gray boxes empty, the aim being colored filling. How? Tapping the screen, after which it will generate a wave that will send colored light in all directions. The idea is to complete all the gray map with the fewest possible touches.

Game of the week: Blip Bloop image 2

The difficulty is that we all have a different map levels, existing dead ends, sharp corners and boxes that serve as a barrier to the passage of “our light”. And since we have a limited number of touches on the screen we can do for stage, where we think we will push to make color fill all the gray.

Game of the week: Blip Bloop image 3 The funny thing is that there are many different levels divided into “packs” or sets that vary according to the difficulty they offer, ensuring hours of fun and sometimes thought where we will be stuck at a certain level, until we figure the exact spots where we play to pass to the next stage.

Game of the week: Blip Bloop image 4

The Safety Pin

  • Simple concept and quick to learn.
  • Produce vice.
  • Charts simple but well done, it is visually appealing.

What Impresentable

  • In the free version appears very often advertising.
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