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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Games | 0 comments

Game of the week: Stickman Tennis

Game of the week: Stickman Tennis

As is tradition in Wayerless (?) We bring the of the Week with a delicate selection (????) to entertain a title on your mobile phone or tablet, on a recommendation of what is a must for those who pocket looking for entertainment (!) and want to go to the safe.

So, this time is the game that must be installed and you will not regret, delivering hours of fun without complications in a model as we like, it is very addictive and easy to learn.


Game Proposal

The word “Stickman” comes from “man sticks”, ie a human figure made of lines representing our players, of which we control one must do to win each game.

Game of the week: Stickman Tennis image 2

The idea is to simplify the sports theme and base nothing but the gaming experience without complicated moves or button combinations: only do we get to the ball and execute the shot by pressing the button at the right time. The more accurately we give the ball, the better will our shot. It’s a timing thing.

The controls are fairly simple: to the left is a lever to run across the field to our character, but we can fix that moves behind the ball automatically, which is easier but also boring. On the right we have the three types of shots we can give to the racket, the most important being shot curled at the bottom, while above is provided the opportunity to throw the ball more slowly but elevating.

Game of the week: Stickman Tennis image 3

Before that we can choose in the menu if we’ll play a short game or start championship history, which we will be giving different beat rivals to win the cup finals. Furthermore, here we set the type of screen control (if the character will run alone or we will control), the difficulty of the opponent and time of game.

Game of the week: Stickman Tennis image 4

Obviously you have to know the rules of tennis to understand everything that happens, from how to win to lower resolutions as the repetition of the first service, which is not the same as giving the second service, and what a break point and a tie break.

Game of the week: Stickman Tennis image 5

Despite this, those who know the rules of the sport will enjoy a simple experience but sticks to what the court itself, clearly summarized version which therefore provides hours of fun without compromises.

The Safety Pin

  • Simplicity and good overall performance.
  • Direct system whisks you to play.

What Impresentable

  • It explains the rules of tennis for those who do not know.
  • Advertising upset in the free version.
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