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Posted by on Jun 29, 2013 in Games | 0 comments

Game of the Week: Turbo River Racing

Game of the Week: Turbo River Racing

This time and the weekend is coming, in Wayerless present you with a of the Week quite entertaining that will fill your free time by chance, as it is a title based on a very simple and quick play. We talked about Turbo River Racing, fashion game in that you can not miss.


Game Proposal

We’re up to a boat and go forward in a river. The motor moves alone and the only thing we control is the direction you go, either left or right to avoid obstacles mode and not die in the way that it is always straight.

Game of the Week: Turbo River Racing image 2

As seen in the picture, one of the first things we see on the maps are a red and white hoops that are not obstacles, but are bonuses you can collect if we go through them. Also appearing will exchange if we take to acquire new boats, those improvements and also have as many lives as the starting pot, giving two initial lives.

Game of the Week: Turbo River Racing image 3

Note that we can win 1000 coins qualify automatically if the application on Google Play Store, making it easier to go by boat the first update, which adds an extra life. But apart from that we have to play enough to collect the coins needed for higher level boats, besides having to go some in the river without losing to unlock levels.

Game of the Week: Turbo River Racing image 4

Because if we do not have separate levels demarcated in a menu to choose other length cross a river “infinite” that changes the stage every certain distance, meaning that we have a new level unlocked. But if we lose the lives at any time, you must restart from the beginning.

Apart from that there are no more, and perhaps this is the trouble with Turbo River Racing. Because we give a couple of hours initially very entertaining, however, eventually the game scale little and badly, getting bored. But as it is quick to play and free of complications and configurations, it is always useful to have on hand fast when we are in a long line or have a couple of spare minutes we know how to spend.

The Safety Pin

  • Quick to play, with no complications.
  • Good graphic app being that weighs very little.
  • Operating concept with the accelerometer entertaining.

What Impresentable

  • Advertising persistent (takes off paying money).
  • After a while you get bored.
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