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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Games | 0 comments

Gigabattle: Save the World Cats

Gigabattle: Save the World Cats

Are you one of those who love the look noventero games? Then this game is for you!

This is the game called Gigabattle which was developed by the Chilean company Mego Ltda and basically save all the in the world of reptilian higher threat approaching the planet Earth.

The game has three modes to play:

Adventure: How to save the cats of reptiles.

Gigabattle: Save the World Cats image 2

Versus Mode: Here you divide the screen to play with another person on the same iPad.

Gigabattle: Save the World Cats image 3

Horde Mode: Here you have to try to survive by killing reptiles that appear unlimited.

Gigabattle: Save the World Cats image 4

In the game where you have different levels as nodrisa ship, you have to eliminate the attacks that you will be sending the reptiles who want to take all the cats in the world.

Gigabattle only available for devices, specifically for at a price of $1.99.

Definitely an excellent and entertaining game to have on your iPad and play at your leisure.

Link: Gigabattle for iPad (App Store)

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