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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Equipments | 0 comments

Goodbye iPhone 3GS

Goodbye iPhone 3GS

Launched in 2009 and with nearly four years on the market, has decided to close a stage leaving a phone supporting it until today is quite well-marketed primarily in the market for re-sale-: The .

For many it was a phone that despite being quite old, could run the latest operating system from Apple until this time (iOS 6) and perform relatively well in the basic tasks of everyday life for many it was a fairly inexpensive alternative and point input to be in the Apple world disbursed an amount of money wise.

In the recently held Keynote-where iOS was introduced in July – nowhere was this the iPhone 3GS, so it appears that Apple will stop providing software level support for one terminal.

By way of context and justify their support cessation, we remind you that the iPhone 3GS had a Samsung ARM Cortex A8 processor of only 600 MHz, 256 MB of RAM, PowerVR SGX graphics processor 535, 3MP camera with record VGA videos, among others.

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