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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Google+ Android tablets available from today, iPad soon

Google + Android tablets available from today, iPad soon

Vic Gundotra announced as part of the Keynote for I/O + Monday that Google will have its own native application for tablets, thus answering many requests regarding this adaptation and time of arrival of the same.

Google + for tablets has a streamlined interface to take advantage of the increased surface area that the screens are in this format, which consists of a carousel endless information that you can slide from left to right to access photos, relevant content and more Recent activity of our social network contacts to the pinnacle of the search engine was born.

The application will also allow hangouts delivering an experience similar to running on a desktop. Similarly, will also provide all the necessary tools to navigate the social world of Google.

Plus will be available from today for tablets based on 4.0 or higher, while for iPad will be available “soon”. These improvements have also been integrated into the latest version of the mobile client for Google +, which will upgrade today based computers in the operating system of the big G.

Link: Google + on Android, iPhone goes tablet-sized (Engadget)

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