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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Featured | 0 comments

Google backed down and reinstated the payments to developers in Argentina

Google backed down and reinstated the payments to developers in Argentina

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A month ago, announced in a surprise move that would not pay more developed in , without giving further explanations on the matter. The deadline for applications or pass away free versions was tomorrow June 27.

But just 24 hours before the deadline came another mail to the affected by the notification that he backed the decision and “times” everything continues on the normal lanes. What prompted Google to back with this decision?

Here the text of the mail received by developers:

Dear developer:

Last month we sent an email informing that from June 27, planned to discontinue support for selling paid applications registered developers in Argentina.

By the time we decided that developers registered in Argentina continue offering and charging their paid applications in Google Play, while exploring permanent solutions.

We regret this inconvenience and will update with more information when we have news.

As news, speculation about the reasons relied on various topics of the situation, both Argentina as Google. On the one hand there was talk of some kind of restrictions associated with measures known as “the dollar trap” whereby local government prevents the free movement of the greenback. In relation to Google, it was said that might have to do with the decision to implement in the country the Wallet e-wallet system, and end with the current scheme of to developers via Adsense.

Although it sounds illogical the first scenario, as government measures are designed to prevent the outflow of currency and this payment method involves an inflow of dollars, these payments were mayoriatariamente transferred abroad by Top Grossing, or converted to Argentine pesos with similar methods without state dollars.

In the official site helps Android developers, claimed that the first notice was related to “trouble making payments in Argentina”, without giving further details.

The original measure affected not only paid applications but also the type of Freemium, that despite downloading the application is free, payments for all types of tools and extra resources is done in the same way that the applications.

Link: Google still allow paid applications developed in Argentina (InfoTechnology)

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