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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Google drops Gmail and create applications for Windows 8 Drive and WP8

Google drops Gmail and create applications for Windows 8 Drive and WP8

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Bavor Clay, product manager for Apps, revealed in an interview that due to lack of interest from customers in their systems, Google has no plans to create applications and Google Drive for Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

“We are very careful about where we invest and go where our users but they are not in Windows Phone or Windows 8,” said the executive. “If this situation changes, of course invest there.”

Instead Bavor reiterated that Google is firmly committed to continue to develop and update their products for iOS and Android. Also, the company will continue focusing on their systems in the cloud, because they have been well integrated companies as a good way to work.

“The cloud is no longer a mystery. Most companies we spoke to will suffer a monumental change where all are not using one or two devices, but sometimes up to five tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktops, “said Bavor. “The only way to create a user experience that fits all these devices is using a cloud architecture”.

Link: Google rules out Gmail and Drive apps for Windows 8 (V3)

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