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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Applications, Downloads | 0 comments

Google Maps returns in glory to iOS

Google Maps returns in glory to iOS

This soap opera is over. Or at least so it seems. Maps has returned to iOS as tabs through a downloadable app now from the App Store.

The new maps app has little to envy which came earlier in the default smartphone. Has vector maps in all flavors and colors, real-time traffic, directions to get around by car and on foot, turn by turn navigation, street view is also, no interior photos as appropriate, integration with Google + and even local recommendations based on User reviews and Zagat. Now if you want maps available offline, you have to wait a further evolution of this tool.

Add to that a redesign of many interface elements we used to see in and have a native application that really takes advantage of the machine where the install and – why not – the failure of Apple to rush his failed mapping solution digital.

You want it? Well, it’s in the now. Tell us what you think.

Link: Google Maps (App Store)

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