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Posted by on Jun 22, 2013 in Companies | 0 comments

Google to antitrust review because its intention to buy Waze

Google to antitrust review because its intention to buy Waze

Remember when Google said it will buy Waze ? Well, it seems that is not going to be easy, because the has put the eye to this move and, apparently, could set you a few obstacles for the transaction does not smell anywhere.

A then you will come filled with adventurous spirit and the punches that come since, although at first it seems that if a company of this size suggests a purchase of another is because it is safe to do so, in the past we have seen Via Crucis also true end badly, as the case of the failed purchase of T-Mobile by AT & T, a pilgrimage of nearly a year and resulted in a “NO” the size of the two companies together.

Well, what we know so far is that Google is in talks with lawyers from the Federal Trade Commission to agree on the terms of the evaluation will be done about this transaction. Google so far has not said anything about what was discussed with the lawyers or their possible actions in each of the different scenarios that can occur in the coming days.

And is that these things are not easy: either green or red signal receiving Google to pursue this business or not, the path is long and tedious presents for everyone involved … What do you think will happen? Does Google get done with or opt to develop something unique to this?

Link: Tech Companies News Byte: FTC To Review Google’s Waze Acquisition. (All Mediany)

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