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Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Companies, Operating Systems | 0 comments

Google under fire for possible monopoly in Europe

Google under fire for possible monopoly in Europe

It would be great that new editions of the famous Parker Brother’s game should come with carved robot tin, I would always ask me! And is that could be the real winner of the of the mobile device industry, or at least that is sensed from the European Commission, which has decided to consult various mobile operators and equipment manufacturers about their agreements with Google and licenses for use of Android.

The truth is that Google already quite used to go through these processes, we, we’re not talking about the local bakery. It is clear that the giant has its tentacles in much, much money, and these businesses are especially subject to regulations to ensure observations and market dynamics.

This time, companies are faced with 82 questions about the nature of its relationship with Google in order to know if the father of the green robot in some way abusing their power in the mobile world … When will the verdict? Do not know yet. What we do is set July 26 as the deadline for delivery of the questionnaire answered by the respondents and from there, to put the scores!

Why is Google in the spotlight right now? For and sued him in April, claiming that Google Android takes advantage of people to use its search engine and other services, thereby harming the efforts of its competitors. Hence, the questionnaire included questions regarding pressures even possible for manufacturers to launch Android devices rather than other operating systems. Also questions the compatibility of Android with search services, messaging and geolocation developed by competitors.

This has answered Al Verney, a spokesman for Google, stating that “Android is an open platform that encourages competition. Handset manufacturers, carriers and consumers can decide how to use Android, including applications that want to use “, do you believe him?

Link: EU probes FIRMS on Android mobile . (After Dawn)

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