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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Internet | 0 comments

Google will punish websites that are not well optimized for mobile

Google will punish websites that are not well optimized for mobile

Today, Google begin to make changes to its search engine to favor websites that have a good version of your content optimized for mobile phones, rewarding them with better positioning and priority in the web search that ultimately results in higher amount of visits.

As indicated in its official blog , the idea will require sites with mobile versions that they work properly and fulfill their purpose, regardless of those who choose not to have a mobile version. The thing is this: if you have a website and you opt to offer something for mobile devices, you should do well.

penalized when running bad a mobile website, for example, if we access the / content and instead of being sent from our phone to / content, we are brought simply to mobile., as often happens.

Thus, it seeks to promote good practice for users to actually receive the information they need when navigating through a mobile, not being cheated along the way.

Link: Google tweaking ranking algorithm to punish sites with broken mobile versions (Pocket Now)

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