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Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Tablets | 0 comments

Government of Venezuela presented tablet Bolivarian

Government of Venezuela presented tablet Bolivarian

Laptop Bolivarian now to get everything done. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, presented a pad manufactured by national technology company. Actually, if we go to the website of VIT tablet there are three models priced from 2,950 bolivars (just over $ 490 to list price) to 4,233 bolivars (just over $ 700 at the official rate).

“We are manufacturing Tablet VIT, Bolivarian tablet, here it is, we are manufacturing. Who would have thought that in we do things so extraordinary? This is just the birth of a high-tech industry whole phenomenon linked to computer communication is going to join the technological revolution that is in the world “were the words of Maduro.

Now if a tablet is an “extraordinary thing” considering that there are already hundreds of models worldwide tablets, what benefits we talking about?

Recall that in principle the Vergatario emerged as a basic phone and has evolved over more than three years without even the level of mobile pointers … Will it happen the same with the tablet VIT? This could be answered with the specifications of the most economical, raised in the official website of VIT:

Government of Venezuela presented tablet Bolivarian image 2Government of Venezuela presented tablet Bolivarian image 3

Link: Bolivarian Government introduced a tablet made ​​in Venezuela. (El Universal)

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